It’s that time again, Townies!

Time for a new issue of Supertown. It’s called “Highway Robotery”–you should pronounce that like row-bot-tur-ree–and it’s gonna be a fun one. Homemade robots and paper airplanes and explosions and thievery and…well, I won’t say too much as nobody likes spoilers. Unlike the previous issue, updates will not be one day after the other. Just keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll see a new comic when it drops.

But yeah, enjoy. And tell your friends. We could always use more Townies here.

This weekend is MoCCA, April 9 and April 10, and if you don’t know what the acronym means, let me help you out: Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. It’s a popular comics festival that’s been happening since they first chopped trees down and turned them into paper. Tara and I went last year as attendees, but this year the turns have tabled. We’re sharing half of a table, meaning we each get half of a half, but nonetheless, we’ll be there, looking all awkward and goofy and shy. Maybe a bit professional, too. Plus, we’re selling comics. Here’s what I’ve got to display:

I’ll have printed copies of Supertown, Issue #3 – Dream a Little Pipe Dream, as well as a little minicomic about Shorebird giving y’all a tour of Awesome HQ. The “and more” includes things like postcards and buttons and generally creepy smiles. Hop to it.

My wife is selling issues of her minicomic Puddles, which, being the second person to read it after her, is super great. I can attest to its quality. You’re gonna love it.

Anyways, if you want to find us, here’s where we’ll be on Saturday and Sunday:


Lastly, a request to all MoCCA people that is extremely vital to my health and safety. EXTREMELY VITAL. If you happen to own a Nintendo 3DS, please turn it on so that we can tag each other with StreetPass. My Mii Plaza is pretty barren, and I need help saving my own Mii from being enslaved by ghost overlords. So, turn yours on. Please! I’ll have mine on, and will probably be taking some crazy 3D pictures of MoCCA in action!