Well, with today’s newest Supertown page–page 7 for those not reading the day it is getting posted, shame on you–we’re probably about halfway through issue #4, “Highway Robotery.” Yeah, it’s moving a little slower than expected, but I wanted the boys to spend some time interacting with their homemade trainbot. The bleepy bleep will the hit the figurative fan soon. Anyways, once this issue is done, I’m definitely not jumping into the next issue right away. Sorry, Townies (all five of you).

Instead, I’m going to work on several print projects to better prepare myself for conventions like MoCCA 2012. Here’s what’s in the pipeline:

The Feet Eaters

This is an adaption of a short story I had published several years ago in Aberrant Dreams. I’m halfway done with it. Just need to bang out the remaining pages. I’m also contemplating including the text of the short story too as a bonus benefit.

Coffee Me

This has been drawn and posted online already. You can read the entire thing by clicking this sentence. However, I’d like to get it printed. Still trying to find the best price and place for all of this though. Feel free to leave me a suggestion.

Fortuitous Twist

Yup, that ol’ webcomic that never really got anywhere is back. Except it’s not gonna be a webcomic, but instead a smallish graphic novel. I think it has potential, and here’s my chance again to draw more crazy sushi outings. Tara has continuously asked me how the story ends. Probably an explosion. Just kidding…I’ve known since I started the project, but I’m keeping quiet.


I have another small print comic idea called You Can’t Go Home Again that’s been given me a lot of grief. It can’t decided if it wants to be a wordless story or more like a goofy comic with jokes and stuff. Also, Tara and I are still discussing our collaboration project–no, we’re not with child, it’s comic-related–but that’s not a pressing matter. And, of course, issue #5 of Supertown, whatever that turns out to be. Maybe I could do some one-offs, too? We’ll see…

And that, more or less, is my artsy summary.