This is the place where you can (eventually) buy stuff. Right now, it’s more of a placeholder, but I promise stuff will be appearing here soon that you’ll want to give me money for. Lots and lots of cash-money. Like funny t-shirts, cool minicomics, and raunchy DVDs.


Issue #001, “Bugs in the War Room” – Will and Kyle must simultaneously put the finishing touches on their new war room–really, Will’s mom’s old exercise room–while dealing with the rather buggy Junebug. At some point, she captures…Kapture, and Will has to use his ol’ noggin to get his best friend/sidekick back. It’s an origins tale jam-packed with bravery, battle plans, and bugs. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Issue #002, “No Trouble Like Zoo Trouble” – School trip time! Mr. Tabman is taking his class to the local zoo for a fun day of sightseeing and not feeding the animals. However, Will’s classmate Grant and his father would rather cause chaos, turn every monkey evil, and rob the gift shop. Unfortunately, Will’s on his own here, but he’ll get some help from the most unlikely of places to stop the horror that is…hypnotized monkeys! NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Issue #003, “Dream a Little Pipe Dream”(Read it from the beginning!) Will has been having some odd dreams as of late, and we’re all sure it has nothing to do with the new neighbors down the street. However, when Will’s mom has the Mareds over for a delicious dinner of chicken and pasta, things take a turn for the worse. It’s certainly not a dream come true, *wink wink*. This issue will first be available for purchase at MoCCA 2011 for the low, low price of $3.00.