Supertown might just be a small, fictitious town, but it’s brimming with characters. Here’s a quick summary of some we’ve come across and some yet to really make a strong appearance.

The Good Ones

Will, but prefers to go by Willpower. He can charge all his rage into a powerful energy blast.

Kyle, or Kapture if you're battling him. Has amazing control over very durable bubbles.

Good ol' Will's mom. Always there to tell remind him to be home by such-and-such a time. No known super-powers.

Where, oh where, did Will's dad disappear to? ::shrugs::

The Bad Ones

Junebug. She's pretty adorable, but still manages to bug people. GET IT?!

Some would argue that Grant isn't a "bad one," just following in his dad's footsteps. That's a good guess.

The In-betweens

Not much is known about this fella, but he might have had something to do with Will's dad's disappearance.